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Jan 6, 2011


  Banda Aceh is the capital of the province of Aceh (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam) and also the city terujung of Sumatra island. Since the tsunami hit in 2004, Banda Aceh continue to do development. after the tsunami, aceh the communities traumatized by the sea. However, now the trauma this has begun to disappear. sea ​​became one of the premier tourist destination people of Aceh as well as from outside Aceh. Views of the sea in Banda Aceh are spacious and clean water so that the lure of other tourists who are outside aceh interested to enjoy the beautiful beach in Banda Aceh. Beaches into tourist attractions of the most visited among others lhouknga, lam pouh u, and also Ulee lee. most of the tourists come in the afternoon to see a sunset and also fishing in Ulee lee while eating roasted corn.
In addition to its beautiful beaches, there are many other places frequented by tourists, such as highway Baiturahman mosque that survived the blow of the tsunami and many more interesting places to visit in Banda Aceh. For the photographers, Banda Aceh may be one good place to pour his hobby.

pantai aceh,banda aceh

laut di aceh, banda aceh

pantai de aceh, banda aceh

laut aceh, banda aceh

desiran ombak aceh, banda aceh

pantai, banda aceh

ulee lee, banda aceh

pinggir pantai, banda aceh

pantai aceh, banda aceh

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